Interview: Kerowaii

We caught up with PNG/NZ Artist Kerowaii to figure out what we’re in for when his album Mango Tree drops next month!!


LBB: Where are you from? Where did you grow up?

Kerowaii: I was born and grew up in Papua New Guinea, then moved to NZ at the age of 12.


LBB: What got you into music initially and how long have you been honing your sound? What is your sound?

Kerowaii: Great question. I have appreciated good music since as early as I remember. I guess in making my own music I just want to make music that I would put on a playlist, like, something I want to listen to. As far as my sound goes, I strive to paint truthful, thought provoking and deep pictures with my lyrics but have that element of fun and bravado in there. It is not a typical cookie cutter sound but is unique and at times raw emotion and vivid struggles are pictured. It’s honest, with real intention.


LBB: What is the name of your album, why did you choose that name for your album and how long did it take to complete?

Kerowaii: The name of my album is Mango Tree. The name hearkening from the Mango Tree in PNG under which I used to sit by the fire and roast peanuts as a child. Its a story of a boy turning to a man amidst the worlds troubles and tribulations. The album has been a labour intensive journey and has taken over a year to compile. The refining of the story over this time has been a joy and has come with many lessons.


LBB: Is there an underlying theme or concept for your album? If so can you explain it?

Kerowaii: The underlying theme of the album is really the story of my life from different perspectives. Things others will find parallel their own experiences. It takes you on a journey of a whole gamut of emotions and vibes which depict that transformation of a young boy growing up in PNG and moving to New Zealand after the passing of his mother and finding his place in the world.


LBB: What was your greatest inspiration to begin the album and why?

Kerowaii: The album is really dedicated to my mum and one of the main intentions is to honor her through it.


LBB: Are there any “stand out” tracks for you that you would point people to listen to first? Why those tracks?

Kerowaii: Yeah, “Signals”, produced by Christchurch’s Infectiouss is a good one to capture the essence of the emotional elements of the album while also remaining to be a song people can relate to and just vibe out to. I think also a notable track would be “Behind Enemy Lines (Interlude)”, produced by VZN of Australia, because it shows my versatility and diversity as an artist. One not to miss in terms of the setting of the scene of the album would be the Intro track as it describes a bit of the backstory to who I am and what this album is about.


LBB: Are there any features? Why did you choose to feature them and how did it come about?

Kerowaii: The album contains a few features from some very talented and awesome artists such as Louis, Trillo and Alice Tanner. I talked to all three artist, we then went into the studio to vibe out to another project we were working on and then a moment of inspiration struck, we got it down, recorded it, and there it was. This kind of an almost effortless and free expression is a joy to work with and is also how the track “Signals” came about. One day as Zac Harding (Infectiouss) and I were just going through a collection of beats he had, that instrumental struck the right notes and then almost instantaneously the track was written, recorded and it was done in a week. The album also features my brother Louis who contributed some amazing work on Depths of Colours and Death to Demons.


LBB: When and where can we get our hands on your album?

Kerowaii: It will be on Spotify, Itunes, Google Play, and all leading streaming sites on November 10th.


LBB: Any final words?

Kerowaii: Push beyond your wildest dream.


For more info or to contact the bro hit the link below!!:

Kerowaii on Facebook.



Dub the World!!

Knights of the Dub Table are a Dub/Reggae/Electronic band from the Waikato region.

With a sound to rival that of earl 90’s NZ Dub band Salmonella Dub, KOTDT are up there as one of the most unique and best sounding bands around. Proving their versatility both recorded and live, the band is able to pull off multiple genres from Dub to Hip Hop and DnB to Dubstep. With their name on multiple festivals and concert line ups, not to mention that they’re currently touring Australia, be sure to catch these bros when you can!!

To Dub out:
KOTDT on Facebook.

KOTDT on SoundCloud.


OBC are a “kiwi-hip-hop” collective from Whangarei.

Getting their start in late 2008 it took this bunch of misfits until 2011 to really get the ball rolling. Seeing success with their “Summertime Vibe” music video release in conjunction with local media company, SBPNZ, OBC saw furthermore success with the release of video clips for their tracks “Time”, “Lean On” and more recently “08 til Infinity” among others. With their massive back catalog of both music and music videos and their natural sounding vibe it seems not much can stomp out their sound.

To get on board the Teaship Chronicles all relevant links to OBC are provided below!

OBC on Facebook

OBC on SoundCloud

Natural T.

Tihei is a well known freestyler and Hip Hop artist from Te Kao.

One of, if not THE most successful and well known artists and personalities to come out of Northland, you can find a ton of clips of Tihei freestyling on sites like YouTube and Facebook.

Rising to social media dominance in 2015/16 Tihei is primarily known as a gifted freestyler who is able to drop a dope free at any moment. Aside from all that he has a plethora of well produced and put together music videos and a decent catalog of audio to match. Could we be bearing witness to the journey of a true NZ Hip Hop Legend? – That’s if he isn’t already!

Links to all Tihei’s content (Facebook)

Tihei – Everyday (Music Video)

Keep Calm, Keep CLKTD.

CLKTD are a Hip Hop/Trap collective from Whangarei.

Produced by mastermind Seeadi Beats, CLKTD rose out of the Whangarei scene in late 2015. Off the back of a couple opening slots for the likes of MelodowNZ and Bailey Wiley they’ve managed to put out consistent releases for the past couple of years. With their distinctive trap style and being the only ones to seemingly be able to execute the sound in NZ these guys are a crew to keep an eye on!!

To collect all CLKTD’s tunes see the links below!!

CLKTD on Facebook

CLKTD on SoundCloud

Sidhunnid %

Sidhunnid is an MC from Auckland.

Sounding a lot like NZ’s version of Big Sean, Sidhunnid is indeed a talented individual! With a slightly smaller following than he deserves, the quality Sid puts out is phenomenal. Working alongside producers such as Kaydub and Y.E he really channels the modern sound. If its not the beats complimenting his voice, its his voice complimenting the beats!

All relevant social median links to Sidhunnid can be found below! Make sure to cop it!!

Sidhunnid on Facebook

Sidhunnid on SoundCloud

Kenny vs The World

Kenny Slade is an MC from Auckland.

Currently on a European tour for the already established Raiza Biza, The leaps Kenny has made this year speak for themselves. With his definitive urban sound and unique NZ street style Kenny seems to be poised to take the NZ hip hop scene by storm! His sound is an awesome mix of old-school-sounding beats accompanied by a situational writing style – not to mention a killer flow!!

All relevant links to become a fan of the bro are below. That’s if you aren’t already!!

Follow him on Facebook

Kenny Slade on SoundCloud

Top of the Electronic Podium.

Chores are a House/Electronic duo made up by Thommy Simmons and Sam Saunders who are from Auckland.

Formerly known as “The Lost Boys”, Sam and Thommy  have established  themselves as top-of-the-food-chain artists with their Urban City style. Over the years they have crafted some epic bangers whether they be tropical or deep. Working alongside the likes of Tim Corin and Daniel Farley (AKA Terace) they have developed their sound alongside NZ’s top house artists in the scene. You can catch these two throughout AKL during the week and be sure to watch out for these two as they grow their sound furthemore.

All relevant links to Chores can be found below!

Chores on SoundCloud.

Chores on Facebook.

One Of a Kind


95 til infinity – That’s the goal for Freeks Tha Amateur and he’s already begun to cement a legacy in NZ Hip Hop by rubbing shoulders with fellow up-and-comers Hooligang and Tom Francis, proving his mettle against strong MC’s at the Def Jam Showcase in Wellington late last year, and winning a spot to open for International Act and Strange Music signee Rittz – it seems the sky is not the limit for the MC from Te Kopuru.

Having garnered a cult following in his early days and building on top of it ever since, he has continued to steamroll the NZ Hip Hop scene having recorded many tracks for Soundcloud and uploading a huge amount of content on his Facebook, from freestyles to PSA’s and Music videos – his most notable release being a visual shoot with Director Isaac Bell and Editor Jesse Anderson for his track Come 216.

Freeks is influenced by the likes of TDE’s Schoolboy Q and Kendrick Lamar to Joey Bada$$ and Tupac amongst others and he’s most at home in his storytelling style he’s honed and crafted. He’s also proven his range within the genre, with tracks about bad relationships, fallen friends, and fake friendships among others.

Proving his performability, recordability, and social media prowess it seems there isn’t much to stop Freeks Tha Amateur from carving his own path to success.

Freeks on Facebook

Freeks on SoundCloud

“Come 2:16” Music Video


On a Misshin!!

Misshin are a Dubstep Producer/DJ duo from Christchurch!

Alex Wilton and James Clark are making noise in the South and are probably the cause of the fault line in Christchurch. with a plethora of Dubstep/DnB/and even “Dub-ish” sounding works of art released, alongside a pumping SoundCloud and Facebook presence it’s not hard to see how they could be the next big thing in the scene. With many headline shows under their belt and having opened for acts such as Skism, Habstrakt and Flux Pavillion, their eerie-yet-amping sound creations make them an epic duo to keep eyes and ears on!

All relevant links to go on a Misshin are below!

Misshin on SoundCloud

Misshin on Facebook