Bringing the Phul Aphekt!

Te Ngaronoa Mahanga AKA Phul Aphekt is an MC from Whangarei, now based in Auckland.

Getting his start in the “Malodik Cru” way back in the early days of Whangarei HipHop, Phul Aphekt is one of the most respected, flowy and motivated artists that Northland has to offer and is now one of the many known faces on the Coastal Ent. roster. More recently headed down the MC/host path for many gigs around the Northland area, the MC has dabbled in all aspects of music and media and is a well know knowledge dropper. An example of his flow and early work dates back to 2009 in the video clip shot at Tikipunga High School for the track Change, to this day it’s still a well-thrashed track up north!

To catch the full effect of Phul Aphekt we’ve chucked all relevant works and social media links to him below!

Phul Aphekt on Facebook.

Phul Aphekt – “Change” Video Clip.

Episode #2 of his “Urban Shift” series.

Parliamentary Envy.


GVNR. AKA Cam Morgan is a producer and studio mastermind from Whangarei.

Dabbling in Dubstep and regularly gigging since his teens, he’s taken up residence in OBC’s studio and is a major part of the crew be it DJing live, helping improve all aspects of their live performances and tweaking bad habits out of the production side by drawing from valuable industry experience.

LBB Previously dropped GVNR.’s Black Mamo EP and you can check it out and his extensive SoundCloud catalog in the links below!


GVNR. on SoundCloud



Top Tier for Tom Francis

Tom Francis is an MC from Hawkes Bay, NZ.

Well known in recent months as one of NZ’s only MC’s to score studio time with the likes of Hip Hop legend Snoop Dogg, Tom saw success in 2016 by knocking Drake off the NZ iTunes Album Chart.

Clocking up a few nationwide tours and a heap of festivals, Tom most recently premiered the video clip for “Feel Right”  featuring J. Tek, Jean Deaux and none other than NZ Drift Legend Mad Mike Whiddett.

With his unparalleled style and energetic stage presence, it seems there’s no market or entertainment avenue that Tom Francis couldn’t dominate.

“Feel Right” video clip – YouTube

Tom Francis on Facebook

Tom Francis on Spotify

Tom Francis on Instagram

You ain’t more iLLa

Illa is an MC from Clendon, Auckland.

A popular, well respected and skilled MC, it’s safe to say Illa masters it all, be it on social media or the entertainment buzz. Fresh off the back of the prestigious 64 Bars Series run by NZ legend David Dallas in which artists such as INF, Lukan Rai$ey and Dirty have also performed it seems he doesn’t have to prove anything to anybody.

Able to kill it live, recorded or any which way you ask he’s definitely not one to underestimate.

You can catch all Illa’s content below (of course you may already have seen it though.)

Illa on Facebook

Illa – 64 Bars

Rhyming with Eaz

Ian Kake AKA Eaz is an MC from Whangarei, Northland.

Better known to almost everyone by his stage name, Eaz has a very nonchalant and unique flow. A family man first and foremost he started out with his partner in rhyme DMA as a part of the duo D4DUB producing a few awesome tunes here and there and becoming a regular face on the Whangarei scene. Eaz is also a founding member of Coastal Ent. alongside long time friends LKEYZ, Ray Anderson, DMA, Phul Aphekt and others.

Having no known predators and seemingly able to get along with everyone at once it seems Eaz knows no limits when it comes to his music.

Eaz on SoundCloud

The Funkiest From The North.

MC Blaksawd AKA Tre Poutama is an MC, radio host and talented performer from Kaikohe in Northland.

More recently the regular host of The Dope Spot on local Whangarei radio station Beagle FM, Tre got his start as a part of Kaikohe Hip Hop duo THE FUNKY NORTH. Mixing guitar, a number of percussive instruments, turntables and a range of other musical instruments, Tre and DJ Definite managed to create a truly unique form of Hip Hop with an old school vibe.

You can catch Blaksawd playing a massive range of local Hip Hop on Beagle FM every Saturday on 88.1 in Whangarei.

Blaksawd on Facebook

The_Dope_Spot on Facebook

THE FUNKY NORTH/Bridgemode Records on SoundCloud

LKEYZ – The “Go To” Guy.

LKEYZ is the moniker that Whangarei artist Joe Reuben raps, produces, films, edits and entertains under.

More well known as Trix, Joe was one of the founding members of the Norty North Movement but broke off in late 2016 to pursue his own ventures in his hometown of Whangarei. Joe started Coastal Ent soon after and has since gathered some of the best MC’s, singers, and producers that Whangarei has to offer and kickstarted the Whangarei Hip Hop scene back into action.

Already accumulating thousands of follows and views, Coastal Ent seems to be set to become the next big thing for Northland. Trix himself has proven his worth as an artist, director, editor, and producer and you can catch his catalog of content below!

LKEYZ on Facebook

LKEYZ on SoundCloud

LKEYZ – “Do Me Like That” Video Clip – Youtube

The OBC Mastermind.


Growing up in Parua Bay, Whangarei MC and producer Slanteyez has an amazing approach to the Hip Hop scene.

Devoting most of his time to his crew OBC, the essence he provides through his instrumentals alongside his in depth lyricism has become a core fundamental for the crew. He has also seen a ton of success on the beat battle circuit winning a handful of Stones Throw Beat Battles and collecting hundreds of SoundCloud follows along the way.

Continuing to wow his followers with his very unique style and producing a massive range of Hip Hop and Lofi instrumentals, he’s well worth checking out!

Slanteyez on SoundCloud

OBC – “New Jack” Video Clip – Facebook

OBC – “Let’s Get Hungover” Video Clip – Facebook

Mr. Fisher


Buster Fisher-Johnson, more commonly known as Buster, is a producer, rapper and musical prodigy from Whangarei.

Channeling inspiration from artists like Childish Gambino, @peace and Chance The Rapper amongst others, the experimental side of Buster definitely comes through in his music. Starting out in the late 00’s Buster started out by making almost electronic music with a Hip Hop flip releasing a few tracks here and there to close friends.

Collaborating with a variety of artists from Slanteyez to Tausani he has proven his range between Electronic and Hip Hop and has definitely carved out his own, different sound.

Buster on SoundCloud

ABRZY and Tiger Tribe


Wellington’s very own ABRZY (Pronounced “Aye Breezy”) has just landed two major gigs opening for Australian Superduo Blis n Eso and more notably international superstar Lil Yachty.

With his modern flow and solid following, his latest release “Shine” has amassed nearly 8,500 views. Touring with Hoody Time for “The Island Kings” Tour in late 2016 he was able to gain exposure to audiences across NZ rubbing shoulders with many other acts along the way.

Steady gigging and always on the move, keep your eyes open for big things from the bro!

ABRZY on SoundCloud

ABRZY on Facebook

ABRZY on YouTube

ABRZY on Instagram

ABRZY on Twitter